About the logo

The logo for Indigenous Walks represents the idea of “walk a mile in my shoes.” Rather than shoes, many Indigenous people employ footwear called moccasins in which we each walk along a path that makes us who we are. To really understand and bridge the gap between who we are and who we become, it is important to take the time to really walk a mile in another person’s shoes. At Indigenous Walks, you get a chance to “walk the moccs” and experience your city through an Indigenous perspective.

The red circle represents the sunrise. When the sun rises, it becomes a chance for us to wake up from our slumber and to start the day with a fresh new perspective. As long as one is willing to see the world with a fresh view, big changes are bound to happen.

Red is one of the colours on the medicine wheel that represents Indigenous people of the four directions.

The pattern on the front of the moccasins referred to as vamps, illustrates the floral beadwork designs that come from both Algonquin people of Turtle Island where the walks originate from and it also encompasses the Métis style floral pattern that figures prominently in the cultural heritage of the founder of Indigenous Walks.

The three-year plan for Indigenous Walks includes having an Indigenous Walks Tour in cities across Canada. In five years, the big goal is that there will be an Indigenous Walks Tour in other parts of the world where Indigenous Peoples live. When this begins to take shape, the red circle will remain but the footwear will change according to the appropriate patterns on footwear of the people of that land. For more information on partnership opportunities, email jaime@indigenouswalks.com

The logo was drawn by artist and founder of Indigenous Walks, Jaime Koebel. With the help of the L-Project, the logo has become what it is today.