Friends of Indigenous Walks

This page gives me a chance to express my sincere gratitude to all those friends, family and supporters who had the confidence in me to produce “Indigenous Walks.” From the on-set of the ideas formulating in my head and sharing them with those close to me, to the public support acquired through the voting process of Soup Ottawa. I am so happy to be able to launch the website and business idea in a relatively short period of time. This is a true dream come true and I could not have done it without YOUR support!

Hiy hiy!

Family Photo

To my family, especially my children, Hunter, Riley and Jacob McKenzie, thank-you for being my very first test tour participants ever since you were little. I love how you get excited with me and thank-you for agreeing to be tour guides when you are old enough!

Image: Clear Skies Photography


Logo Soup Ottawa

To all the folks at Soup Ottawa, your professionalism and passion for community projects helps makes dreams come true! To all those people who go out and attend Soup Ottawa events or take the time and gather the courage to present, I am ever grateful for your support inspiration. There are many good people and good ideas out there! Thanks to all that showed up on the night of my presentation and voted!



Logo of the City of Ottawa

A great big thank-you to the City of Ottawa’s Heritage Funding Program for funding part of Indigenous Walks! I have lived in Ottawa since 2000 and have felt welcomed in this home away from home for 14 years. My goal is to bridge any gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous stories and you have helped me make it happen!