11 Jun

No excuses! Lots to do! June rocks.

Tâns’i n’totemitik!

This is a simple but beautiful little Neyihaw (Cree) greeting that I learned from my community in Lac La Biche located in Northern Alberta. It’s a pleasant way to ask someone how they’re doing without regard for your own feelings in the moment. It’s a genuine “Hello, how are you my friend?” If you end up on one of my tours, you’ll be sure to be greeted this way.

THE NEXT INDIGENOUS WALKING TOUR IS SET FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 12 at 5:30pm. We meet in front of the Human Rights Monument near City Hall at Elgin/Lisgar. If you haven’t gone on a walk yet – you really should! Send an email to register to: jaime@indigenouswalks.com – Book a tour for June 12th for a chance to win tickets to see Lara Kramer’s, “Native Girls Syndrome.” on Friday, June 13th as part of the Canada Dance Festival’s shows in Ottawa.

In this week’s blog, a big shout out goes to two groups who came on walks. One group was the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario, Centre for Addictions and Mental Health who were in town for a meeting but managed to gather about 15 participants together this past Monday evening to take a tour of downtown Ottawa. Janine and Ted, thanks so much for your help in creating awareness of Indigenous Walks to conference guests. Secondly, a big thank-you to a Martina for organizing the second walk which included inquisitive guests from Italy, China, Germany and of course, various parts of Canada. I’ve included some information on this blog about things we talked about along the walk. If I’m missing anything, give me a shout jaime@indigenouswalks.com and I’ll add it to the next blog.

When we stopped in front of the justice building we talked a bit about a book that I thought was really helpful in understanding Indigenous Justice. the name of the book is called, “Dancing with a Ghost” and it’s by Rupert Ross. He also has another interesting book called, “Return to the Teachings.” I highly recommend both.

Aboriginal Justice

Also, for those walkers that didn’t get to see the Human Rights Monument this week, here’s a pretty thorough description of the monument. Click here.

Now, here’s a quick list of Indigenous events coming up in Ottawa:

June 11 – Aboriginal Professional’s Network BBQ. It’s happening at 5:30pm at the Heart & Crown in the market. If you’re looking at meeting Aboriginal people in business whether you are Aboriginal or not, this is a good place to be. This week, Gina Wilson is the main speaker.

June 13/14 – Indigenous Art Exhibition “The Land is our Teacher” with Simon Brascoupe, Jaime Koebel, Heather Campbell, Dean Ottawa, John Tenasco, Amanda Prairie Point


By Heather Campbell

Simon Brascoupe

Three Canadian Geese by Simon Brascoupe

Ink on Drums by Jaime Koebel

Ink on Drums by Jaime Koebel

June 13 – George Leech at Westfest

June 13 – “Native Girl Syndrome” by Cree/Ojibway Choreographer Lara Kramer brought to you by the Canada Dance Festival. Tickets are limited so get them fast. Another way to get tickets for this event is to book a tour for June 12 for chances to win them free

June 14 – LAST Electric Pow Wow with Deejay NDN, Bear Witness & DJ Shub at Babylon Nightclub.

June 14 – Shawana at Westfest

June 14 – “Native Girls Syndrome” panel discussion with Lara Kramer and Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner Marie Wilson at 5pm at the Arts Court.

June 15 – A Tribe Called Red at Westfest 

June 18 – Iskwēwak Pasikowak: Indigenous Women Rising. A walk to take back treaty rights.


June 18 – “Igniting the Spirit Gala Fundraiser” for Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health. Special guest performances with Andrea Menard and choreographed dance piece by Jerry Longboat. Most beautiful Indigenous art ever! Get your tickets soon – it’s coming up quickly.


June 18 – “Diggin Roots” at the National Arts Centre

June 19 – Cultural Showcase at the Canadian Museum of History celebrating Aboriginal Heritage

June 20 – “L.nuwelti’k (We Are Indian)“, an interactive performance by MiKMaq artist Ursula Johnson at the Carleton University Art Gallery. All are invited.

June 20 – 22 – Aboriginal Summer Solstice Events at Vincent Massey Park. The blog previous to this one has a more detailed outline of exactly what events are happening and what time they’re happening at Vincent Massey Park.

June 24 – Join my good friend, past co-worker & fellow Métis, Dr. Yvonne Boyer to celebrate the release of her book, Moving Aboriginal Health Forward: Discarding Canada’s Legal Barriers. Octopus Books 251 Bank Street, 2nd Floor, 7 pm and refreshments will be served and books available for purchase. Co-sponsored by Octopus Books and Purich. WAY TO GO YVONNE!!


Book Launch on June 24

June 24 & 25 - Drum Social Celebrating Culture: Drum Social hosted by the National Native Addictions Partnership Program. Host Drum – WhiteTail Cree Singers, Featuring Haudenosaunee Social Singers Rhonda Doxtator and Aisha Printup. Come sing and sway the night away the old fashioned Native Way! All invited! Open to the Public!

OKAY! See, I told you there was so much to do in Ottawa! Now don’t forget, Indigenous Walks is a great way to learn about the Nation’s Capital. Whether you’re new to the city of you have lived here for awhile but think you don’t now enough about the Indigenous stories in the area – this is seriously the walk for you. It’s fun, educational and active – a good combination. Book a staff retreat, get together with friends or use this as a summer camp idea by emailing jaime@indigenouswalks.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

Ekosi maka (until the next time),

Jaime Koebel

Owner, Indigenous Walks